Since the inception of the company in 2010, we pride ourselves in the kind of staff we have onboard as this is actually the cornerstone of our business. Our staff understand the role they play in making the business a success and we always ensure that they understand they are our most valuable assets, and are not only viewed as resources to the business but as an integral part of the business.

There as the company its important that we make sure that we keep doing in-house training so that we remain competitive, and any skills that we need to acquire can always be outsourced and learnt in-house for the benefit of the company and its growth.

  • Project Management
  • Desktop Support
  • Application management
  • Any services related to IT
  • Air-condition Services and maintenance


The company has expertise in the management of projects and coordination of projects as we have had the opportunity to be part of huge projects in our field. As a result this has helped us grow in this regard and we therefore can undertake and deliver any project of any magnitude

Air-condition maintenance and support

All our clients started having issues when it came to their servers and a need to provide this service arose, Constant knowledge of our clients business helps us to always look for solutions that will enhance their business without having to worry about the nitty gritty of operations. We now have a team of technicians that can install and services any air-conditioning system to meet the clients needs. This process ensures complete client satisfaction.

  • Timeous support
  • Technical knowledge of the systems
  • Engage the client from start to Finish
  • And offer a month to month service support
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Make sure that operational requirements are met
  • Deliver within specified timeframes

Air-condition maintenance services

The web solutions we provide aim to make sue that the clients business is accessible from anywhere he might deem necessary to run the business, this solution is flexible and create ease of use and access through secure networks.


Our business solutions are always not about what we can do but what our clients thinks would work for their business , all we do as a company is point them to the right directions using the right technologies in achieving their desired goals of the business electronically.


Sometimes Clients wish to have professionals just to pick their brains in making sure that they understand their business models and our consulting staff are well killed and trained in facilitating the process and are readily available at clients requests.

When it comes to sales we do not only focus on selling our own products but also focus on taking clients products on the market to make sure they are well understood within the market, we have very capable sales teams that are energetic and creative. We take sales to another level for increased profits for both the company and our clients in building a mutual relationship.

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